Key Glock – Spazzin Out (Instrumental)


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Download Key Glock Spazzin Out Instrumental Free Beat Mo3 for your use. Download Key Glock Free Beats that has been trending for a while. Key Glock is a young and fast rising hip hop and rap artiste in America. Download for music covers or karaoke.

Quotable Lyrics
First things first, never too much money
I’m sippin’ on some purp’, thumbing through these blue hundreds (Yah)
Bitch, I ain’t tryna flirt, you gon’ let me fuck or somethin’? Yah
Glizzock in her tummy, I’m an animal, Jumanji, uh
Please don’t run up on me, yeah, show me my opponent, yeah
You niggas jabronis, and not only that, you phony, yeah
You niggas don’t want it, uh, go’n and board little homie
All that bullshit, don’t condone it, shoot you, I’m an organ donor, yeah



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