[Download] Mob Psycho 100 Theme Songs (Opening Song)


Download Mob Psycho 100 Theme Songs. This is the official openng song of the television series.
Download Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Opening Song Music wiki on spotify. Download Mob Psycho 100 Opening English Ost. This was sang by MOB CHOIR and Junichi Sasaki

Quotable Lyrics

If everyone is not special, Maybe you can be what you want to be sorezore no kotae mitsukaru darou.

MOB, MOB – What do you want?
Opening Theme From Anime: モブサイコ100 From Season: Summer 2016 Performed by: MOB CHOIR Lyrics by: Junichi Sasaki Composed by: Junichi Sasaki Arranged by: Wataru Maeguchi Released: 2016




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