Joyner Lucas – What’s That (Instrumental)


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Joyner Lucas is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Worcester, Massachusetts. He first gained widespread recognition with his 2015 mixtape “Along Came Joyner” and has since released several critically acclaimed projects, including “508-507-2209” and “ADHD.”

“What’s That” is a popular track by Joyner Lucas that showcases his signature fast-paced flow and intricate wordplay. The instrumental for the track features a hard-hitting trap beat, with heavy 808s and eerie synths that create a menacing atmosphere. The track has become a fan favorite and has inspired numerous freestyles and remixes from other artists.

For producers and aspiring beatmakers, the instrumental for “What’s That” offers a great opportunity to experiment with different sounds and create their own unique version of the track. With its infectious energy and catchy melody, the instrumental is sure to inspire creativity and help producers bring their musical visions to life.


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