Lil Gotit – Drippin In The Spider (Instrumental)


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Lil Gotit is a young and talented rapper from Atlanta who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique style and sound. His music is known for its catchy beats, raw lyrics, and distinct flow that sets him apart from other rappers. One of his popular tracks is “Drippin in Spider,” and in this blog post, we will be sharing the instrumental version of this song.

Lil Gotit, whose real name is Semaja Render, was born on August 6, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in the Zone 6 area of Atlanta, which is also known as East Atlanta. Lil Gotit’s brother is also a rapper known as Lil Keed, and the two often collaborate on music.

Lil Gotit started rapping at a young age, but he only started taking it seriously in his late teens. He released his first mixtape, “Hood Baby,” in November 2018, which gained him some recognition in the industry. Since then, he has released several other mixtapes and albums, including “The Real GOAT” and “Top Chef Gotit.”

“Drippin in Spider” is a single by Lil Gotit that was released in 2019. The song features a catchy beat and Lil Gotit’s signature flow, where he raps about his success, fame, and the lavish lifestyle that comes with it. The song’s title refers to the Spider luxury car brand, which is known for its expensive and high-end vehicles.

The instrumental version of “Drippin in Spider” is a popular choice among music producers and artists who want to create their version of the track or use it as a base for their own music.

Lil Gotit is a rising star in the music industry, and “Drippin in Spider” is a testament to his talent and creativity. The instrumental version of this track is a great addition to any music producer or artist’s library who is looking for an exciting and unique sound. We hope you enjoy downloading and using the “Drippin in Spider” instrumental and look forward to hearing what you create with it!


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