Polo G – Dyin Breed (Instrumental)


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Download Polo G Dyin Breed Instrumental free beat mp3 and use for your songs and Karaoke. This is from Polo G Die A Legend Album EP. This is one of the best Polo G Beat Type in 2019.

QUotable Lyrics
Real niggas is a dyin’ breed, but I’m still maintaining
Made it out the hood, I still pop out on some gang shit
My day one niggas, them the niggas that I came with
Ain’t no big homies, we just reckless gangbanging
Don’t get caught in the mix ’cause this shit is very dangerous
Guess you want some clout, we gon’ really make you famous
Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, i8, watch me lane switch
If you ain’t talkin’ money, nigga, you don’t speak my language



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